Advancing Healthcare Technology for Service Members and Civilians

Our mission

ECHELON Med Tech develops and commercializes dual-use medical technologies to radically improve health outcomes for warfighters, veterans and civilians. We partner with leading innovators in medical device research to create solutions for major health problems that are being faced on the battlefield and on Main Street.

Our shared mission at ECHELON is to de-risk and accelerate medical innovations for commercial readiness, for partnering with or acquisition by medical device market leaders, and for contracting opportunities with the military.

Established in 2020 by BioGenerator, the investment arm of BioSTL, ECHELON is a spin-out of the Center for Defense Medicine (CDM), also part of Biogenerator. The CDM serves to advance St. Louis-based collaborations with early stage research and technology relevant to military and national biosecurity needs, through expert consultation and non-dilutive grants for proof-of-concept research.  The CDM also provides a path to later-stage business, investment, and regulatory assistance. The CDM serves as a source of de-risked deal flow for ECHELON and for investors.

Technology Candidates

ECHELON is focused on identifying, licensing, and developing multiple dual-use (military and civilian) medical devices with a heavy engineering approach. In considering technology candidates, we analyze the market need for an innovative solution, the IP strength, grant history and potential, and 25 other criteria in our proprietary technology assessment model. We also carefully consider the likelihood of commercialization success given the specific experience of our management team. The ideal candidates will be at a minimum Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 3 or 4.

Trl 3

Hypothesis testing and initial proof-of-concept demonstrated in a limited number of laboratory, in vitro, and in vivo models.​

Trl 4

Proof-of-concept and safety of devices/systems are demonstrated in defined laboratory/animal models.

How Our Model Drives Investor Value



ECHELON has access to a pipeline of innovation from the CDM, which provides consultation and proof-of-concept grants to de-risk research and accelerate innovative medical technologies toward non-dilutive DoD and BARDA grants or contract opportunities.



DoD, NIH, and NSF grants further de-risk technology projects & demonstrate market feasibility. These non-dilutive grants invite capital investment at attractive valuations and help to boost returns.


Department of Defense (DoD) Contracts

Having the military as the first customer for ECHELON developed technologies provides a quicker path to steady revenue at good margins and amplifies down-stream valuation.


Civilian Market Rights

ECHELON realizes up-front and milestone payments, as well as royalty and manufacturing revenue. This reduces the need for downstream dilution, while early distributions drive ROI.


Ultimate Exit

As a DoD contractor and a company with a portfolio of multiple products, ECHELON is positioned to attract strong exits and deliver favorable investor return.

The deep military, scientific, investment and commercialization experience of the ECHELON team, supported by the advocacy and expertise of the Center for Defense Medicine, makes us a valuable partner for partnering with or acquisition by medical device market leaders.

Advancing Healthcare Technology for Service Members and Civilians

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